Too cute to bear

I managed to sew something so sweet I can't take it.

What: Alice pleated dress / Bella sunshine designs
How: On a sewing machine
From: Leftover cotton fabrics

I heard my goddaughter has recently been smitten with light colored flower dresses. So I didn't have to think too hard what I could make her for her nameday.

The internet is full of sewing patterns, each one cuter than the other. With knitting, it's obvious that you can find the best ones on Ravelry but when it comes to sewing, I don't really know where to look. Therefore, I decided to go for a designer I've been happy with before. I've made one dress by Bella Sunshine patterns and I really enjoyed the thorough instructions.

I went through all their dress patterns and went with this cutesy Peter Pan collar dress. And this turned out to be the best dress I've made in ages. The pattern was excellent as before, but the sewing worked out perfect as well.

The dress has a fitted top with tiny cap sleeves and a peter pan collar. The pattern has instructions for a pleated hem but as I was working with leftover fabrics, I went with a gathered hem. With the gathered hem all I needed to know was that I had a wider piece than the top of the dress. As a little something extra, I added a lace ribbon.

To top it all off, the dress has pockets! I say, all dresses should have pockets! (If you are interested in the sexist history of pockets, you can read here about the lack of pockets in womens clothing) I am so smitten with this dress that I must make something for my self with a peter pan collar, it's so cute.

One last thing I'm super proud about is the zipper in the back. I can't remember when I last (if ever) managed to get both sides of the top to align so straight next to the zipper. I hope the present fits and gets a lot of wear.

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