I've been enjoying the spring weather and it has called me to work on some lighter knits for a change. I've never been much of a cowl person but on these sunny days, a shlanket-sized shawl is just too much.

What: Verso / Own pattern
How: Circular needles 3.5 mm
From: Spincycle Yarns Dyed in the wool, 100 g
After mulling over it for a year, I finally decided to get me some Spincycle Yarns Dyed in the Wool yarn from Edinburgh Yarn Fest. It's a gorgeous yarn that's dyed to look like handspun. It's a 2-ply yarn where each ply has been dyed separate creating a beautiful gradient of colors.

I bought two skeins (two different colors) and figured I shoud design a cowl with them. The yarn is sport weight and the two 50 g skeins just wouldn't be enough for a shawl. I never thought I'd need a cowl but I've converted completely. The cowl turned out cute as ever and it's the most handy accessory for this spring weather.

Verso is a cowl that used two different gradient-dyed yarns. It plays on their colors and different textures. The cowl has ribbing, stripes, lace, you name it! It's a fun and super quick knit as it's almost impossible to put it down. You just have to see what comes next and how the colors will behave.

What: Verso / Own pattern
How: Circular needles 3.5 mm
From: Schoppel-Wolle Edition 3.0, 100 g
Handdyed yarns are true works of art and I'm totally priviledged to get to work with them. But it is a fact that they can easily be out of someone's budget. With that in mind, I worked another sample in a much more easily affordable yarn that fits the pattern jus as nicely.

Edition 3.0 has a lower yardage than Dyed in the Wool but if you leave out the seed stitch section in the middle you can actually get by with just two skeins of Edition 3.0 like I did here.

The pattern has an introductory 25 % discount until the end of the week with the code SPRING.

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