Sleight of Hand

So it's not one but two new patterns this week! It's time for the third and final design of my mini sock collection.

What: Sleight of Hand / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 2.25 mm
From: Wool Me Once Fibers Gold Glitter Sock, 47 g

In the summer, I got the urge to knit socks. The sock fever wouldn't go away with just one pair so I ended up designing a mini collection - all ankle socks with sweet picot trims.

The collection was inspired talented Finnish indie dyers (and my need for ankle socks). I also named all the designs after the colorways I knit them with.

The third and final design in the collection is Sleight of Hand, named after this stunning golden colorway Ochrus Pochrus. I fell head over heels in love with this golden glimmering Gold Glitter Sock by Wool Me Once Fibers. It's got my favorite high twist merino base with gold stellina for a bit of sparkle.

Sleight of Hand socks are worked cuff-down. They start off with a sweet picot edge that is worked with a provisional cast on. The socks are embellished with cables and cute bobbles. The socks are worked in reverse stockinette stitch to make the cables really pop. Not to mention how luxurious the stockinette stitch on the inside feels against your skin. The heel is a simple and fun short row heel.

In fact, all three designs in the collection feature a different heel construction, making this collection an excellent opportunity to practice heels. All three patterns come in three sizes, 64, 68 and 72 sts.

You can find all three sock patterns on RavelryPayHip and Lovecrafts. You can buy them individially or as an e-book. If you've already bought Kvartsi and Ripple socks, Ravelry should give you a generous discount for these. 



It's been a while since my last cardigan pattern but that's what happens when you write a book full of patterns! (I'll let you know the publishing date as soon as I have it.)

What: B.A.S.I.C. / Own pattern
How: Circular needles 3.0 and 3.25 mm
From: Lumoava Jakki, 310 g

Back in spring, I got a sweater quantity of delicious yak blend from a Finnish dye studio, Nettilanka.fi. The yarn is a wonderful blend of SW merino, silk and yak which gives it a truly special sheen and drape. Not to mention this perfect natural brownish grey shade. I definitely wanted to design a pattern where the yarn would be the star. And so B.A.S.I.C. came to be.

I'm not one for mindless knitting as it bores me but I think I managed to design a really basic looking cardigan - you know, the kind that goes with all of your clothes. But while it looks simple, it's a really interesting knit.

The cardigan is plain stockinette stitch with 3/4 length sleeves, a round neckline and some waist shaping. The buttonbands are worked simultaniously with the rest of the cardi and they are twisted ribbing. The cardigan gets its polished look from the cute picot trims.

This type of cookie cutter picot edge is achieved with working a folded hem with a 'k2tog, yo' row in the middle. And because picot edges are easiest to work with a provisional cast on, this cardigan is worked bottom up! This way you can work the hem and cuffs with a provisional cast on and will only have to use sewn bind off for the neckline.

This was an especially interesting design as I don't usually work bottom up but I still wanted to have proper shaping for the sleeve caps and shoulders while still having as little seaming at the end as possible. And I'm super happy to tell you I managed to shape the shoulders without breaking the yarn in between even once. So after the shoulders you will have just one final end to weave in. Victory! The body of the cardigan is worked from the hem to the underarms and then placed on a holder. Then, both sleeves are worked to the underarms and finally joined together with the body to work the top of the cardigan in one piece.

This turned out such a sweet little cardigan and you can no find it on RavelryPayHipist√§ and Lovecrafts. The pattern includes sizes XXS-5XL. Finally, use the code BASIC to get 15% discount until the end of the week.