I've had this insatiable hunger for knitting socks since summer. No wonder once pair just wasn't enough! I decided on designing a mini collection of three sock pattern. The first pair, Kvartsi, I published in September and now it's time to release my Socktober pattern, Ripple.

What: Ripple / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 2.25 mm
From: Aara Tunto, 55 g
I was inspired to design a little mini collection of sock patterns and started to build it around the idea of ankle socks with cute picot trims. And all the samples are knit from beautiful handdyed yarns by talented Finnish indie dyers.

A year ago at our local knit fest, I fell in love with Aara Tunto sock yarn. It's a wonderful fingering weight, high twist BFL/nylon blend. The Blue Faced Leicester is soft wool but more durable than merino so I love to use it for socks. It's soft but not too slippery. I've named all the patterns in the collection by the colorways I used to make my sample socks and Ripple got its name from the Tunto colorway Väre, which means ripple in Finnish.

I didn't want the designs in the collection to be too much alike so I got carried away trying out different heel constructions. That makes this collection a great way to train your heel knitting skills. The first pair, Kvartsi socks, had my go-to French heel and Ripple socks feature a 'strong heel'. In a strong heel you work in the round while making gusset increases and once the leg reaches the sole, you will work short rows to make the heel turn in a similar way as in a French heel.

Ripple socks start with a picot edge and the instep is adorned with intricate lace and cables. The cables are repeated on the sides of the socks and the gusset increases slowly push them further apart. Once there's no more room on the instep for another pattern repeat before the toe, these stitches are worked in stockinette stitch. 

I'm just head over heels in love with these socks and they became a treasured pair in my sock drawer. I sure hope you like them as much. The pattern comes in three sizes, 64, 68 and 72 sts. You can find the pattern on Ravelry, PayHip and Lovecrafts.

And that's not all! I know many of you fell in love with the muted turquoise color of my sample pair and I've got good news for you: I've added yarn kits to my web shop! I chose three of my favorite colors from Aara and you can buy the yarn and get the pattern on top. The kits will be available until the end of the year or until they're sold out.

In addition to that muted, greyish turquoise colorway, Väre, I chose a moody dark purple called Kriikuna and a light, peachy pink colorway, Ilta. I don't know about you but I want to knit these socks in all three colorways!

And since I'll be releasing three sock patterns through autumn, I figured we should start a KAL. You can take part on Instagram or on Ravelry and all three patterns (Kvartsi, Ripple and the third one coming in November) are eligible for the KAL. The KAL will last until the end of the year and each finished pair will get you a ticket for the prize drawing on New Year's Day. You can take part chatting in this Ravelry thread or over on IG, using #KRSsockKAL.

Btw, if you've already bought Kvartsi socks on Ravelry, you will automatically get 25% off Ripple.



Feels like it was ages ago when I started designing a sweater for the Christmas edition of Taito magazine. And it is - I cast on a year ago in December! But this week, finally, the magazine is being delivered to subscribers and I get to share this design with you all.

What: Hohde / Own pattern
How: Circular needles 3.0 and 3.5 mm
From: Aara Koto, 366 g

It's always fun to write patterns for magazines, especially when they offer a theme or a mood board to give you inspiration. The theme for the Christmas magazine was 'together' and I immediately started thinking about sweater that would have a certain ease to it. Something that is really comfortable to wear that you don't have to think about. But also something stylish enough to worn on Christmas.

I had decided on a relaxed pullover and wanted to use Finnish yarn - preferably not only dyed here in Finland but also using Finnish wool for the yarn base. My wish was easily granted as I realised the Aara Yarn (sport weight, 100% Finnish wool) yarn had the exact colors as the magazine mood board. Also, I'm pretty sure you've seen how into stranded knitting I've been lately so it was a no brainer that this one would be a colorwork yoke sweater.

So there you have it: Hohde is a stylish pullover with a stunning colorwork yoke. The sweater is worked top down and it has long sleeves. The body of the sweater has a slight A-line shape, making it super comfortable to wear. There's a little piece of the yoke colorwork repeated just before the hem ribbing.

The yoke design is an abstract fan pattern but it reminds me of a fantastical peacock with gold dust in its tail feathers. The sweater uses three colors and there are couple rounds using all three at the bottom of the yoke but I promise you they're well worth the effort.

One of my favorite details in this design is the folded ribbing at the neckline. It gives such a neat finishing touch. The neckline, hem and cuffs are all worked in twisted ribbing.

I love to photograph knits in places where the background has the same color scheme as the knit but this time we really hit the jackpot with this tunnel. The graffiti not only mirrors all the colors in the sweater but also my jeans top - and even in the same order! It's almost as if someone had painted the concrete with my sweater in mind.

Hohde sweater is featured in the Christmas edition of TAITO magazine in Finnish but the pattern will be available as an individual download (and in English) in spring 2021.

Some of the photos are courtesy of the talented producer, Sonja, from TAITO magazine.