I'm Neulisti (Knittist in English) and this is my knitting blog.

I am manic when it comes to crafts, especially knitting. I'm eager to try new techniques and write about my projects with detail. I list what works and doesn't work in a pattern I'm using, and what I thought about the yarn. I also design my own patterns, you can find them here. Some of the patterns are free and the rest you can purchase on Ravelry. If there are any problems with the patterns, please let me know and we can figure it out together.

I've been knitting actively since I was 15 years old - so over half of my life. In junior high, we made a sweater at school. My class mate's sweater turned out much nicer than my own and I decided to learn knitting from the beginning again by myself at home. And since then, knitting has been pretty much all I do. I am a bit of a masochistic knitter: the harder somethings sounds or looks, I'm instantly intreagued. When it comes to yarn, I'm a sucker for all those pretty handdyed skeins. I also spin, sew and photograph.

I've been blogging for many years in Finnish, here, but have decided to set up an English blog as well.

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