Since the book project that started back in January and the MKAL which ate up my time in the summer, I've been busy all through August. I remember thinking to myself over the summer that I would gladly give up half a kingdom to get some time to just knit socks. Luckily, that day came eventually -  oh, how I enjoyed the simplicity of a pair of socks.

What: Kvartsi / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 2.25 mm
From: nurja merino sock, 46 g

Couple years ago, I made the most wonderful pair of socks. They had this amazing green shade and a beautiful pattern. But the most wonderful thing about them was the fact that they were ankle high which made them the perfect summer socks to wear with sneakers. I loved those socks. And then, I lost them! I can't even blame it on laundry elves as I lost both socks.

Then finally, I quit crying over spilled socks and realized that as a nifty knitter I could probably make myself a new pair - this time writing a pattern of my own. That's how Kvartsi socks came to be.

Kvartsi socks are worked cuff-down and they start off with a sweet picot edge. The instep has a beautiful but easily memorized lace on them. The socks have French heels and the heel flaps are both pretty and durable thanks to slipped stitches.

The pattern is written for ankle high socks but the leg can easily be worked taller.

You can find the pattern on RavelryPayHip ja Lovecrafts. And since I'm taking part in a Finnish virtual craft fair this weekend, you can get these socks and all my accessory patterns for 15% discount today using the code PIPOPERJANTAI.



In just couple of years my annual mystery knit-a-long has turned into a tradition. And now, it's time to reveal this year's shawl.

What: Entanglement / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 3.75 mm
From: nurja bfl, 278 g

For me, the main thing about designing an MKAL is to keep the knitters guessing. You will quickly loose the mystery in a mystery knit-a-long if you can easily guess that this designer always comes up with this kind of shawls. My first MKAL, Shake It Up was about fun ways to mix colors and last year, Hummingbird was all about directions to knit in. Since the first two MKALs had brioche and garter stitch in them it was high time to do something completely different.

I had this idea of an overtly romantic lace shawl already back in January but a little book project kept me busy all spring. In the end, I did manage to find the time to design this mystery shawl.

Entanglement shawl is worked in three colors and it consists of 13 sections worked in 7 different lace patterns. The sections are worked in different directions and at the beginning, it can be very difficult to see how it will look once finished. The different lace sections are separated by a little eyelet stripe.

The shawl starts off with something extra special as the first two lace sections are worked with two colors as intarsia. But fear not, I've made a tutorial video over on Instagram.

Once the main body of the shawl is finished, there are about a million stitches to pick up from the lower edge of the shawl to work a lace border with short rows. Finally, the romantic vibe of the shawl is topped off with a picot bind off. 

The shawl has an unusual shape this time. It's not a triangle shawl, nor a crescent. Or, it's kind of a crescent but angular. And the five bottom angles can have tassels added to them at the end - because, you know, tassels!

We found the perfect backdrop to photograph this romantic shawl. Mom's friend let us use her allotment garden and the scent of flowers was intoxicating.

I hope you had fun working on this romantic lace shawl. Next year's mystery will be something completely different, yet again.