Sock blank

As I told before, I got to try paining sock blanks. And of course, I had to knit a pair of socks.

What: Vanilla is the new black / Anneh Fletcher
How: Circular needle 2.25 mm
From: Handpainted sock blank, 63 g

Painting this sock blank wasn't so much painting as it was squirting. I filled a pipette with yellow, pink, green, purple and black, and squirted away. Half the fun was watching the colors spread and half was the funny sound the pipette made. I guess my sense of humour was at the level of a five year old during that weekend. But hey, it was pretty funny!

Painting was so much fun I completely forgot to check if the colors went through the blank - and they didn't. I was aiming for deep, vibrant colors but the other side of the blank was almost white which makes these socks look way too bright and white. Sure, there are plenty of colors but not the way I intended.

Since the colors are the key thing here, the socks can be just plain stockinette. I'm not into knitting boring stockinette socks so I thought I should atleast have some fun with the heels. I wasn't planning on following a pattern but the Vanilla is the new black heels are so simple that I accidentally knitted them just like in the pattern.

The most fun part was seeing how the different color knitted up as I was unraveling the blank and knitting it into socks. I accidentaly left one end of the blank white so one of the socks has a white cuff and the other doesn't. Oh well, they look like hand dyed.

As I followed the colorplay, it started to look like I was knitting my friend's socks. If someone would ask me, who do think these socks belong to, I wouldn't say me. So I made them one size too big for myself. I just hope my friend will still have them even though the soles got a bit dirty as we were photographing them at a nature trail.

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