From time to time, it's fun to challenge yourself. I challenged myself to design something simple for a change. I'll never do anything complitely mindless - it's just not me - but more simple than usual.

What: Liquid / Own pattern
How: Circular needles 3.5 mm
From: Les petits points parisiens Single fingering, 182 g

In the fall, I was visiting yarnshop Silmukka at Tampere because they had visitors from Paris. My visit there was a bit comical in all the hurry. We were on our way to a wedding and I had about 5 minutes to shop me some handdyed delicacies. So there I was, running in with my party dress and high heels, and then running out with my hands full of yarn shouting after me how sorry I was I couldn't stay longer.

But back to business, and by business I mean the lovely yarn: this gorgeous sea colored merino single. A while ago I was asked what is this merino single everyone keeps talking about. If you're not familiar with the term it means yarn made from merino wool but with just one ply. Most yarns hve multiple plies to make the yarn more durable but single ply yarns are softer. Granted, they show wear and tear more easilly, but oh, how soft they are. So, there I was with two skeins of lovely merino singles in the most gorgeous color. Two skeins is enough for a hat-mitts-cowl set or one decent sized shawl. And a shawl fitted well in my plans to design something simple for a change.

After a little conversations, the merino singles told me they wanted to be turned into a cresent shaped shawl with garter stitch, because merino singles and garter stitch just are a match made in heaven. I negotiated with the skeins if they would be fine with me adding some lace. They said it was fine - as long as the lace would be easy to memorize. I promised to hold my horses and we made a deal. Although, at the last moment I made an ultimatum that I would be adding short row shaping or the deal was off. Once the negotiations were done, the knitting was a breeze.

The shawl has alternating garter stitch and lace sections and the lace is shaped with short rows. As the shawl grows, so does the height of the lace sections. And in the end, there's more lace than garter stitch. The shawl is finished off with picot bind off. Simple but gorgeous.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry and you can get 25 % off the price until Wednesday (Finnish time) with the code LiQuiD.

The yarn for this design was sponsored by Les petits points parisiens.

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