Crazy about wool

I'm head over heels in love with the Finnish yarn, Tukuwool. I love it! It's Finnish wool from Finnish sheep, spun and dyed in Finland. And it's so woolly.

What: Uan / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 3.0 mm
From: Tukuwool Fingering, 220 g

A while ago my LYS owner (and Tukuwool owner) asked me if I had any design ideas for this yarn. I said no. So obviously as I went home the same day, I came up with a vision of a cardigan.

I had a vision of a cardigan with lace back. Otherwise it would be plain stockinette stitch. The button band, hems and neck band are moss stitch. The cardigan is quite fitted with no extra positive ease. It has long sleeves but those are easy to modify shorter if that's what you like.

I wanted to see if I could design and write a pattern for top down, seamless, fitted sleeves. It wasn't that difficult at all. It did help a lot that I had taken both Ysolda's and Joji's classes on sweater design.

The cardigan is knitted top down seamlessly. First, you will knit the shoulder after which you'll pick up some stitches for the sleeve tops and then the sleeves are knitted simultaneously with the rest of the cardigan until you reach the underarms. The end result is very neat looking.

My LYS, TitiTyy sponsored the yarn for this design. As a non-color lover, it wasn't very difficult to choose a favourite from the new color selection. I definitely wanted to use this muted pink called Ujo (bashful in Finnish). I'm very tempted to knit this in five other colors as well.

This was a fast knit. It only took 12 days from CO to BO. And it only took 220 grams of yarn. That's like nothing, even though the cardigan isn't that small. Magic, I say!

The name of the cardigan is Uan. I chose it because I'm a bit addicted to Scotland. Google tells me Uan means sheep in Gael. Baa!

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