Woodland creatures

We were talking about hoarding buttons at the local knitting groups meeting. Hands up, who doesn't have that set of just perfect buttons you never dare to actually use on a project. Yeh, I figured I wouldn't be the only one.

What: Briochevron cowl / Stephen West
How: Circular needle 5.0 mm
From: De Rerum Natura Gilliatt + scraps, 200 + 166 g

We decided to fix the problem and have a button KAL. The idea was to first go through our button stashes and find our favourite buttons, and second, come up with a project for those buttons. I've had these cutest woodlander buttons for years and never knew where to use them.

A while ago I fell in love with a friends Briochevron cowl she knit with colorful scrap yarns and that's what I wanted to do as well.

The little woodlanders demanded to be paired up with woodland colors. I went through my stash for any thicker green scraps and sorted them to go from light to dark green. I paired up the greens with a light colored Gilliat from De Rerum Natura.

Once I had the taste of destroyng scrap yarns, I couldn't stop. I actually knitted the cowl way too long and had to tink quite a bit. A friendly advise from someone with experience: make the buttonholes to that end of the cowl you want to have on top, not the other end. If only I had realized it at the time.

The colors on our hedgerow were so beautiful I had take pics immediately before the leaves dropped. So the buttons are at the wrong end here and I hadn't shortened the cowl yet.

With all its faults I still had to fix, I was already so in love with the cowl I started using it straight away. I warmly recommend this project to anyone with heavier scrap yarns.

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