Manta cardigan

Since I'm above else a cardigan and sweater designer, I had to include a cardigan pattern in the e-book The Girl Who Said Baa.

What: Manta / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 3.5 mm
From: Tukuwool Fingering, 405 + 30 g

Cables seem to have been on my mind lately as you can find some in this design as well - this time as simple honeycombs.

Manta is a long cardigan with a warm and sturdy folded collar and raglan sleeves. There are honeycomb cables along the right front and in the hem of both fronts. The back hem is first stockinette stitch and then rib.

The cardigan is finished off with a contrast color i-cord bind off. The hem cables also hide contrast color pockets behind them. Because pockets! I've never heard anyone say "Pockets? No thanks."

My favorite detail in the design are the button holes. They are hidden inside the honeycomb cables.

Tukuwool makes for a lovely and warm cardigan. I was nervous on the photoshoot day thinking I might catch a cold but once I put the knits on me, the fear melted away. I didn't miss my winter coat a bit.

If the winter here in Finland will turn out as freezing as some people are predicting, I'll stay inside this cardigan the entire winter!

This cardigan gives the perfect opportunity to explain the inspiration behind the names for all the designs in the book. I wanted to name the patterns after sheep. I googled a bit and found a forum where Finnish sheep farmers were talking about the names they use and I picked the ones I liked the best. And the best thing was that on the photoshoot day my Manta cardigan met a sheep called Manta.

Photos by Miika, sheep by Hakamaa sheep farm.

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