Aada mitts

If you ask dear Hubby, these mittens are the best design in The Girl Who Said Baa. Even so much that he wants a pair for himself!

What: Aada / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 2.5 mm
From: Tukuwool Fingering, 55 + 12 g

The third design I wanted to include in the collection were these mittens that would have a fun stitch pattern combining stranded knitting and simple cables.

The mittens have a looooong brim you can fold in two if you like. Or, if you coat has shorter sleeves you can leave it longer to make sure your wrists won't freeze.

The stitch pattern is a combination of stranded knitting in two colors and cables. It looks fancy but is really easy to work. Originally, I wanted the contrast color cables to be purled stitches but that proved impossible. Perhaps it was for the best as these look really lovely as they are now.

This is a great pattern for trying out different color combinations. The pattern has two sizes so it works for bigger hands as well. And it seems, I'll have to work the bigger size quite soon - and even in the exact same colors! The smaller size took only one skein of the main color because the skeins tend to be a bit overweight.

Photo credits to Miika and sheep credits to Hakamaa sheep farm.

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