Saana shawl

Next design from the e-book, The Girl Who Said Baa, is a shawl pattern.

What: Saana / Own pattern
How: circular needle 4.0 mm
From: Tukuwool Fingering, 115 + 72 + 87 g

The first thought about the shawl was its shape. I wanted to design an asymmetric triangular shawl that is shaped with short rows. The kind that is wider on the other side. Also, I wanted to play around with different color combinations.

Saana has alternating garter stitch stripes with two colors and lace sections with a third color. The stripes are nice, mindless knitting - perfect for social knitting or watching tv. And the lace is shaped with short rows. The lace keeps thing interesting but is easy to memorize. Finally, the shawl is finished with a picot bind off.

The pattern has two sizes. M is your average sized shawl. Not too small. And the larger size is a true shlanket. You could really use it as a blanket while laying on the couch. For the smaller size, you only need one skein (50 g) of each color - at least if you don't have the loosest gauge in the world. The larger size has one stripe and one lace section more and for that size you will need 3 skeins of color A and 2 skeins of B and C.

This design gives you the chance to play with different color combinations as it uses three colors. I would suggest something light for the lace. For the stripes, choose two colors that have enough contrast with each other.

I've been waiting for months to actually get to use these knits. Finally, I can wrap myself in my huge woolly shlanket of a shawl.

Thank you for the pics to Miika and thank you for lending your sheep Hakamaa sheep farm!

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