So I designed a new sweater. Surprising, isn't it?

What: Snowl / Own pattern
How: 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm circular needles
From: Primrose Yarn Co. Sophia, 300 g

At this summer's knit festival, I spent a lot of time saying Oh! and Ah! at ILO yarns' booth. I was drooling over all the lovely Primrose Yarns Co. yarns and typically for me, I picked up the only colorless colorway. Except that it isn't colorless, it's just the perfect creamy white with tiny dark speckles. Perfect, I say!

And the yarn base, merino, nylon and cashmere. Oh my. It's unbelievably soft and felt amazing in my hands as I knitted it.

The lovely shop owners sponsored the yarn for me and I promised to come up with a design this fall. The color of the yarn demanded to be knitted into cables so that's what I did.

Snowl is worked top down seamlessly because that's how you knit every nice project. The sweater has raglan sleeves and there are three cables in the front. Otherwise, the sweater is all purls because I feel that reverese stockinette stitch is the best way to let cables shine.

The sweater has a V-neck and the neck band is worked with smaller needles. One of my favorite things about this design is that it's A-line. There's about 2''/5 cm positive ease at bust height and 6''/15 cm positive ease at the hem which makes this a nice, relaxed sweater. The hem is shaped with short rows such that the back is longer than the front.

But above all else I love the sleeves of this sweater because they're looooong. The MCN yarn base is amazingly soft and I don't know anything that tops soft overly long sleeves that you can wrap you hands in.

The sweater became an instant favorite and I've been using it all the time. The relaxed A-line is a perfect match for dresses as well as jeans. It's stylish and relaxed at the same time. You can knit your own favorite sweater by clicking the link below.

Huge thanks to ILO for sponsoring the yarn and to mom for these beautiful photos. Luckily, it doesn't show in the pictures but it was freezing cold and kept raining all through the photoshoot.

Did you wonder about the name? Well, the sweater was named after the colorway of the yarn, Snow owl. I just removed the extra letters.

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  1. why aren't there any prices on your beautiful patterns?