Back in the prehistoric year 2014, I designed my very first graded sweater pattern. I took a trip down memory lane and revamped this free pattern.

What: La grasse Matinée / Own pattern
How: Circular needles 3.0 ja 2.5 mm
From: Rowan Fine Tweed, 274 g

I didn't knit another sweater but I cleaned up the pattern to the layout I use now. And since I don't like letting myself take it easy, I re-calculated the pattern for all the nine sizes I use these days. Back then, the pattern had "only" sizes S-M-L-XL.

La grasse matinée is an easy sweater and a great pattern for your first top down sweater project. It has 3/4 raglan sleeves and the body has no waist shaping. The hem and sleeve cuffs have a pretty little row of eyelets before few rows of garter stitch.

It was fun reminiscing this old pattern. It's been just few years but my, how I've grown as a designer - the techincal skills to grade patterns and to make clear schematics. Not to mention photography skills!

I decided it would be fun to take new pics with the same hairdo and clothing. Can you tell the difference in anything else except my blonder hair?


  1. How kind of you! I have had this pattern in my queue for a while, love the style.