Split cells socks

What: Split cells / Jeannie Cartmel
How: Circular needle 2.25 mm
From: Cascade Heritage, 67 g

Back in spring I had the idea of a box of socks. I would get rid of lonely sock yarn skeins, finally work some patterns bought long time ago, and the person opening this box at Christmas will be very happy, I think.

However, I didn't stop to think that perhaps not all patterns bought long time ago would be my cup of tea anymore. You know, there might be a reason why I never got around to working a certain pattern. For example these socks, since nowadays I don't really like cables all that much.

I started the socks back in July on a business trip. I finished another project and was eager to cast on for another pair for the Box. I was excited to finally use this Cascade Heritage skein I got from a friend as a present, and the Split cells socks by Jeannie Cartmel have been lingering in my Ravelry queue for ages.

The yarn was great and it was nice to get back to this basic sock yarn after a long time. I also really like this bright deep green color. The pattern was well written and clear. The only problem was that the socks have about a million and three (yes, I counted!) two stitch cables with some of them having twisted stitches, and some of the having just one twisted stitch, and some of them having no twisted stitches and and and... You get the point, right?

The heel flap was the worst. I really, really like socks where the stitch pattern continues over the heel flap. Except that in this case it meant working twisted purled stitches. And that would be fine too, except that because of the cables worked on the RS, the twisted stitches kept switching places making it really hard to spot them on the WS. This was not the kind of project you can easily work at a knit night.

So, I started the socks back in July and only now finished them at a knitting retreat last weekend. Oh boy, was I happy to bind off. The Box has six pairs in it already, and still room for a few more. Perhaps something simpler next time.

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