Back in spring, I got excited as I was asked to design a men's sweater for the very first time. The pattern was just published in the Christmas issue of Finnish TAITO-lehti. The pattern will be available as an individual download on Ravelry in the spring 2020.

What: Havu / Own pattern
How: Circular needles 4.5 and 5.0 mm
From: Kässäkerho Pom Pom Suoma DK, 536 g

I eagerly excepted the challenge. Those who have been in my grading class know that I've garthered my women's measurements from several different places and I'm quite proud of my sizing charts. It wasn't quite as easy to find men's size charts on the internet. I got started with Craft Yarn Council and found a bit dusty Passeli chart in Finnish - though it only had measurements related to suits. But I like challenges and I had been thinking for a while that I should dabble in men's knits as well.

Like all the patterns in the Christmas issue, Havu was also designed for Finnish yarn. I chose a rugged, chunky Suoma DK by Kässäkerho Pom Pom. It's a DK weight yarn from 100% finnsheep wool. I figured if I'm making a men's sweater it would be a lot quicker in DK weight.

The sweater is worked seamlessly top down. The yoke is garter stitch and has a v-neck and raglan sleeves. The raglan "seams" are worked in stockinette stitch to give a nice look and a bit of texture.

As much as I like garter stitch, it would make for an awfully chunky sweater. Also, working garter stitch in the round isn't too nice as you have to purl every other round. So, after separating the sleeves, the hem of the sweater is mostly stockinette.

The other side has a purled panel with these lovely little twigs just before the ribbing.

Finally, you pick up stitches along the neckline and work a shawl collar. The collar is shaped with short rows and folded. You can fix it in place by binding off the stitches onto the WS using a crochet hook. 

Below, a few pics from the Christmas issue. Thanks to TAITO magazine for them.

At the moment the pattern is available only on the magazine and only in Finnish. In the spring 2020, Havu will be available in English on Ravelry.

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  1. Hello there Anna, I'm loving this sweater pattern. I would love to make it for my husband but am still waiting for the English version. Do you have any idea when you'll have it translated? Thanks! -Marjan