The new Christmas edition of Finnihs TAITO magazine has not just one but two of my designs! In addition to the men's sweater, Havu, I designed a dress.

What: Hehku / Own pattern
How: Circular needles 3.5 mm
From: Tukuwool Sock, 425 + 75 g

It was very exciting to design my first men's sweater but this dress was another first. Over the past couple of years, the knitting community has been obsessed with colorwork yoke sweaters. I too wanted to try my hand at designing one.

And it was a lot of fun as a colorwork yoke calls for its own kind of math. I know most wouldn't agree with me but oh, did I love solving the equations needed here!

I designed the dress in November last year and send it to the magazine just before Christmas. I'm not blessed with a lot of patience so it was pain waiting a whole year for the pattern to be published. But if I neede patience, so did my test knitters! They too made their dresses a year ago and I applaud them for keeping the secret so long.

Hehku is a dress with a round colorwork yoke. The dress is worked seamlessly top-down and it has stranded knitting on the yoke, the cuffs and the hem. You can easily make this in sweater length but I for one have fallen in love with knitted dresses. The pattern comes with waist shaping to make it fit just right.

As the design is for Christmas, I wanted to keep the coloring quite Christmasy. Though, I want to be able to wear this at other times as well so I decorated the yoke with flowers, diamonds and nups instead of any particular Christmas pattern.

The dress has long sleeves with corrugated ribbing at the cuffs. The hem features the diamonds without nups and some corrugated ribbing. The neckline, cuffs and the hem have a few rounds of stockinette stitch that's allowed to roll up.

As I said, I made my sample a year ago and oh, how lucky I got: just as I got the dress out of blocking, we had a little snow strom and got these wintery pics taken just before I had to ship my sample to the magazine.

The last two pics are from the magazine's photoshoot. Thank you TAITO magazine. <3

Both Hehku and Havu will be available as individual downloads on Ravelry in the spring 2020.

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