Yours, always

Most of the time I set out planning to design something. Other times, the yarn turns into a design even without trying. Almost as if the yarn itself already knows what it ought to be knitted into. 

What: Yours, always / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 2.75 mm
From: Tukuwool Harmas + ITO Sensai + Shibui Knits Silk Cloud, 21+14+8 g

In September, I went to a weekend knitting retreat organized by my LYS. All of us got lovelyt project bag with yarn in it - a skein of Tukuwool Harmas. Harmas is a special batch of Tukuwool spun of Kainuugrey that is a Finnish landrace. Kainuugrey makes for a soft and airy yarn in a gorgeous light grey shade.

I kept looking at the skein thinking that such a special yarn needs to be knitted into something extra special. It didn't take long for some silk mohair to start whispering in my ear that they wanted to play with the new Harmas yarn.

Once I matched the yarns, I didn't really have to think while knitting. The beanie kinda manifested on its own on my needles.

So I designed this super sweet hat in luxurious yarns. Tukuwool Harmas is soft but airy and rustic. It'makes for such a fun and gorgeous combo with silk mohair.

The yarns are so different and luxurious in different ways. Two-color brioche seemed just the perfect way to combine them. I used Tukuwool Harmas for the main color on top of the brioche.

For the contrast color, I combined three different silk mohairs that make the beanie the softest ever. Three strands of silk mohair were not only the right weight but also gave endless opportunities to play with colors. I used two browns and one silver grey silk mohair. They painted the beanie into the colors of November in Finland. For the next beanie, I'll use brighter colors!

You can find the beanie pattern on Ravelry. There's also a 20% introductory discount with the code NOVEMBER. The code is valid through November 27th.

One of the best things about the pattern is how little yarn you need to make the beanie. I think I'll go stash diving in my scrap yarn basket for another one!

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