For a friend

My best friend ventured off into the wide world. But no worries, I have the address and can follow her every once in a while. I know where you live, and other stalker comments fit for bestest of friends. So, I flew to visit my friend and on the way there, I knitted a pair of socks - and left the socks on her feet.

What: Basic socks / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 2.25 mm
From: La Bien Aimée MCN Light + The Uncommon Thread Twist Sock, 42+16  g

As you can see, I knitted striped socks. Oh, you can't see? I don't mean the colorful bits. I striped two grey yarns and one of them had these colorful bits in it. Yep, I can't tell the greys apart myself either. But trust me, there are three row stripes with two different greys.

Last year, I had a KAL with one of my knitting friends. We were so stressed about everything happening in the world that we needed some La Bien Aimée MCN between us and the world. We both made socks and we both had some yarn left over. My friend feels that once a skein has been caked and cast on, it's so last season, so she sold her left overs to me. I also destashed the other grey yarn from her. All together I had 90 grams, plenty enough for a new pair of socks.

The Happy feet by La Bien Aimée wouldn't have been enough by itself but striping with The Uncommon Thread, I managed to stretch it into another pair of socks. I made the cuffs, heels and toes in Happy feet but the rest of the socks are striped. You can't really see the stripes but the end result is much better than I ever expected. It's actually really nice that the stripes don't show. Now the other grey just stretches the colorful bits a bit further apart.

My best friend loved the socks and was happy to keep them. She really liked how the other grey calmed down the Happy feet colorway. I hope these keep your dear toes warm!