Uncolor craving

Some projects are easier than others. This one was a pleasant knit but took for ages to photograph.

What: Color craving / Stephen West
How: Circular neelde 3.5 mm
From: BC Garn Semilla Extra Fino, 133 g

Once upon a time when Color craving came out as Westknits MKAL, I didn't really get it at all. This enormous thing that extends to all possible directions and is full of holes. Who would want to wear it?

But then I participated on Stephen's class and saw the shawl in action. It was wonderful! Just perfect! A lovely huge loose shawl that you can wrap around your neck a few hundred times. And the holes! Those are so handy! You can pull one (or as many as you like) end of the shawl through any of the holes and it stays put without having to make a knot.

From that point forward, I had to knit myself a Color craving. Just for me. Then one time in my LYS, I bumbed into the gorgeous frozen shades of pink and mint Semilla Extra Fino by BC Garn. I already had white and light grey at home, so that was decided then. One totally colorless Color craving coming up. I would knit my Color craving in four uncolors. Very fitting, isn't it? Okey, maybe not, but very me atleast.

The shawl was a fun knit even though the ever growing rows felt a bit numbing at times. The shawl begins at the striped center section. The huge holes are made with an enormous amount of increases on every other row, always at the same spot. Next, the corners are knitted one at a time in different colors by picking up sts from two sides of the center section and knitting short rows. The shawl is finished off with a picot bind off.

Knitting this project was a blast. The only thing I would change might be the order of my colors. The pattern calls for three colors but it was easy enough to add in one more. However, hindsight is 20/20 and now I feel that the muted pink and light grey make for a bit dusty looking combo. I wish I had striped the pink with the white instead of the grey. All in all, the shawl looks sweet this way too.

The problems started once I finished the shawl. Photographing it turned out to be almost an impossible task. We tried taking pictures with my bff while visiting her but somehow none of the pics turned out good. There was always too much noise in the background or the camera focused on totally wrong places or this or that. Always something wrong. I already started using the shawl and decided to tackle the pictures later.

Finally I had a new try with mum behind the camera. Except that I was already annoyed with photographing this shawl since last time didn't work out. If you have experience in photographing knitwear, I bet you know that a sour face shows in the pictures. So, once I had a total tantrum at mum, I apologized to her and explained it was the shawl, not her. Once I got it off my chest, the pictures started coming along nicely. Sorry, and thank you mum!

The biggest issue was the shape. Just look at it! It's so long and narrow, it's nearly impossible to fit the whole thing in one picture. I dare you to try. Regardless of the challenges with the photographs, I really love the shawl. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a bit more peculiar projects.

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