One more time

I don't often knit the same pattern again but when I do, it's this one.

What: Matrimonio bolero / hand made by fasOLA
How: Circular needle 4.0 mm
From: BC Garn Jaipur Fino, 36 g

Does every group of friends have that one person who always wants to make something for the others to wear at parties? Or is it just me?

Sometimes you get lucky and your work friends turn into friends. As soon as my friend told me her dissertation date was set I was just looking for a chance to offer to knit something for her to wear with the dress. That way I get to actually be helpful while giving a present from the heart.

I knew I had to show just one picture of this lace bolero and she was ok with the plan. Everyone always chooses this bolero. Few years ago I offered to knit my cousin a lace bolero for her wedding. I tried to give her plenty of options all the while knowing this would be the one she would choose. This time I didn't try fight back and suggested this pattern right away.

We chose the color together making sure it maches the dress. She wanted a bit shorter sleeves so I left out two pattern repeats at each end.

The bolero is knitted from cuff to cuff in one piece. Then it's blocked and the sleeve seams are sewn together. Finally the crochet edging finishes the lace bolero. Last time I knitted this I remember complaining about the errors in the pattern. This time I didn't even look at the written instructions but followed the pictures and didn't run into any errors.

I can't believe how easy it was to get her to go hiking in the dress so I could get good pics for the blog. Thank you! Good luck for your defense, you'll be fine!

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