Retro stripes

Sometimes a girl has got knit just basic striped socks. Or atleast, that was the plan but the end result is something a bit different.

What: Stripy socks / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 2.25 mm
From: Cowgirlblues Sock weight, 60 g

In the spring I took my sister to a yarn shop with the intent that my sister would shop yarn, I wouldn't. Well, that didn't exactly turn out the way I planned. No surprises there.

But I was helpless. There I was standing in front of shelf filled with super cute little yarn cakes in glorious colors and in the most perfectly sproingy yarn base. The tiny yarn cakes felt like little stress toys. I had no choice. Except on which colors to choose.

The yarn is sport weight which gave me a good excuse to buy three skeins. Just to be on the safe side. I ended up choosing quite a retro color combo. It remainds my of the Weasley family in Harry Potter.

An the simple stripy socks? Well, I started out that way but soon came up with the idea of a different kind of heel to make the stripes go all the way to the sole.

And after the heels, when the knitting started to feel a bit too relaxed, I came up with the idea of anatomical toes. Meaning, I made the decreases only on the other side at first. And ofcourse, I didn't write it all down because of course you can just count it from the finished sock when you need to and life would be way too easy any other way.

Cute but not too relaxing. But when has it ever been with me?

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