Sand storm

Back in summer, I received a lovely email asking for an interview for a Finnish knitting magazine. There would be an interview, some pictures from our home and a pattern I would design. I set to work right away.

What: Sand storm / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 3.25 mm
From: Cardiff Cashmere Classic, 40 g

My husband works near a great yarn shop and in the spring, I had asked him to go shopping for me. He brought me some surprise yarn but boy, was I surprised when I saw that the shop owner had sent me so goodies: two skeins of the softest cashmere. Thank you, Snurre!

The soft little skeins demanded to get onto my needles straight away. After a little brainstorming between me and the yarn, we desided that I should knit them into a hat.

I wanted a light autumn beanie. You know, something simple, with just cables. But as always, I had to come up with something a bit more interesting. Then, I remembered seeing my friend do an envelope bind off on a hat. So that was it!

The beanie has a high ribbed brim after which it's just sand storm cables. At least in my stitch dictionary the cable motif is called sand storm. Then, the beanie is finished off witht the envelope bind off. Simple and fun.

I love the end result, even if I'm a bit biased. The yarn is soft and fluffy - as cashmere should be - but it doesn't break. The pattern is only available in the Finnish Unelmien käsityöt magazine and it has two sizes for the beanie. I'm going to pull my new beanie over my ears and enjoy autumn.

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