Mystery for the fall

I have some super exciting news! Scrap yarn sock yarn advent calendar was the most popular thing on this blog and one of my favorite things as well. Back then, the blog was only in Finnish but the calendar was in both languages. And now, I'm kind of getting back to those roots releasing my very first shawl mystery knit-a-long.

The idea is to have a shawl KAL which will last for about a month. But the design is a total mystery to you all. But if I may say so myself, it's pretty awesome!

The pattern is up for graps on Raverly from here on out. For now, there's only a pdf including all the prior information you will need: needle size, yardage and so on. And then, on Wednesday September 12th, you will get the first clue.

Most shawl MKALs have four to five clues that are updated once a week. Shake it up is a bit different. The shawl has 13 clues and the alloted time depends on the amount of knitting that's needed to complete each clue. The schedule for the clues is the following:
    1st clue: September 12th
    2nd clue: September 14th
    3rd clue: September 15th
    4th clue: September 16th
    5th clue: September 18th
    6th clue: September 20th
    7th clue: September 23rd
    8th clue: September 25th
    9th clue: September 27th
    10th clue: September 29th
    11th clue: October 4th
    12th clue: October 8th
    13th clue: October 12th
      You can join in on the chat at Where we once knitted Ravelry group where there'll be individual threads for each clue. You can also share your progress on social media with the tags #wwokmkal #shakeitupmkal.

      So you'd like to know something about the design and the yarns needed? I'm not saying a word about the shawl but I can tell you that you'll need US 4 (3.5 mm) or US 5 (3.75 mm) circular needles. You will need fingering weight yarn in three colors, one skein each. If you're worried about the yardage, don't be: there will be information in the pattern after each clue about how much of each color you should have left. I'd recommend going for three different colors but such that they have something in common - speckles for example.

      And I haven't even told you the best part! I teamed up with two Finnish indie dyers. ikke yarns and lanitium ex machina have promised to dye three skein sets especially for Shake it up shawl. The sets will be in their webshops on the first week of September.

      Who's in?

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