Mystery shawl for the fall

Are you ready for the next Anna Johanna mystery shawl knit-a-long? Last year, Shake it up was a hit and I've been waiting eagerly to host a new mkal.

Hummingbird is the Anna Johanna mystery shawl knit-a-long for fall 2019 so you’d best get ready to have fun and be prepared for anything!

Just like last year, the pattern comes with a whole bunch of little clues. Some of them will take one day, some will take several. As a statistician, I've had a lot of fun calculating the exact amount of stitches to be knitted with each clue to plan out the schedule.

The MKAL starts on August 16th and the clues will be updated as follows:
1st clue: August 16th
2nd clue: August 17th
3rd clue: August 18th
4th clue: August 20th
5th clue: August 21st
6th clue: August 22nd
7th clue: August 28th
8th clue: August 31st
9th clue: September 2nd
10th clue: September 5th
11th clue: September 9th
12th clue: September 13th

You’ll need three skeins of fingering weight yarn, C1, C2 and C3. I’d recommend vivid colors with good contrast. You'll want to clearly see the different sections of the shawl so I would not recommend picking a fade set for this one. When deciding on the order of the colors, if you have one pop color, I’d use that for C2. C1 should have a good contrast with C2.

On July 1st, I will update my webstore with yarn kits for the shawl (Don't worry about the shop being only in Finnish at the moment, there will be an English version too come July). If you buy a yarn kit, you’ll get the pattern for free. There will be three different color schemes for the kits. Each kit will include three skeins of Martin’s Lab Merino Singles with one special colorway dyed especially for this MKAL. The kits will be mailed during July so you'll have them ready when the mkal starts. In case you're coming to the Jyväskylä knit fest in July, you can select 'pick up' instead of 'mail' and we can arrange a meet up at the festival for you the get your yarn kit.

The shawl is big, using most of the yarn and the pattern includes guides on yardage after each clue to make sure you don’t run out.

Share your progress on social media using #wwokmkal and #hummingbirdmkal and feel free to use the logo as your cover picture. There's a general chat thread on Ravelry and once the MKAL starts, there will be a separate thread for each clue.

Who's going to join me?

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