Sometimes I want to knit something especially intersting and challenging (read: alway!) and once in a while I want to work on something mellow and relaxing without giving it much thought. I surprised myself with the latter this time.

What: Rohdin / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 4.0 mm
From: Wishbone Flax Flower, 92+76 g

Rohdin is just that - a simple, understated shawl with not much happening. The shawl is arrow-shaped: it starts off in the sharp corner with increases worked at the edges. The hole at the bottom of the arrow is filled working short rows. To keep things just interesting enough, the shawl has contrast color stripes so it's ease to see your progress.

Finally, you'll pick up stitches at the bottom edges of the shawl and work a lace edging in the contrast color. You can block the sea shell lace straight or highlight the shape by placing your blocking needles at the yarn over holes of the last lace row - which is what I did with my sampel shawl.

Usually, when I design something simple it's all about the yarn. This was the case here as well. I picked up some Wishbone Flax Flower from Edinburgh Yarn Fest last spring. It's a single-ply combination of SW merino and linen. The name of shawl means flax in Finnish.

The linen gives crisp texture to the shawl as well as beautiful drape. The soft merino is a fun combination with the long fibers of the linen. And, especially in this deep ink color, the white linen fibers stand out beautifully.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry and use the code FLAX to get 25% introductory discount until  Saturday October 5th.

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