Now it's available: Uan. The pattern is up for purchase on Ravelry and the price is 4.5 €. It has about gazzillion sizes.

What: Uan / Own pattern
How: Circular needle 3.0 mm
From: Tukuwool Fingering, 200 g

This was my second Uan. Or to be precise, my first as I knitted this first but had the keep it a secret because it was a present for my best friend. Check out my own cardigan here. For my friend I chose this lovely oaty brown and for myself a gorgeous greyish pink.

The cardigan was screaming my friends name at the latest when I sew on the buttons. These warm yellow coconut buttons truly brought the cardigan to life. I hope it keeps my friend warm.

My own cardi is size 38'' and took 4.5 skeins of Tukuwool Fingering. My friends cardi is one size smaller and took exactly four skeins. The yarn and the cardigans are unbelievably light. Light but warm. I'm in love, even if I'm being a bit partial.

The pattern has been test knitted. I recommend that you make a swatch before starting to knit as the row gauge is often overlooked but very important with this type of fitted sleeves. As this is my friend's cardigan, it's a bit too small for me.

Go and knit yourself an Uan!

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