Crooked toes

Sometimes you need something truly mindless knitting, such as plain vanilla socks with a self-striping yarn. You know, something you can knit at the movies. And if you happen to be me, you might just want to complicate that.

How: Circular needle 2.25 mm
From: Petrichor Yarns HT Stripes, 65 g

Yep. I searched for a pattern that will make the stripes go all wonky. Cause otherwise it would have been too easy to knit these at the movies.

The pattern is fun and works well - although, it doesn't exactly make for good movie knitting since everything exciting happpens right away. The socks are worked toe up and the toes are shaped with lots of short rows. The cast on edge is somewhere along the side of the big toe.

Once the toes are nice and crooked, the rest of the socks are a breeze to knit. I didn't really need the pattern after the toes but figured it would be fun to follow a pattern for once. So I worked the short row heel as instructed and finally memorized how to do shadow wraps. It remains a mystery why the toes were worked with German short rows and the heel with shadow wraps but it was good training and I found that I much more prefer the shadow wraps. They work better with my gauge. So I'll stick to those in the future.

I worked the leg such that the second sock would start with different colors. I'm very much non-symmetry. I finished off the socks with few rounds of twisted ribbing.

I have another self-striping yarn in my stash. We'll see if I finally manage to work plain vanilla with it.

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