If you follow me on instagram, you know I took part in the Indie Gift-a-long this Christmas. It's an event where a huge bunch of indie designers offered their patterns for a discount and then everyone taking part has a KAL for making Christmas presents from those designers' patterns. This gave me the incentive to finally knit these socks I've been admiring for a while.

How: Circular needle 2.5 mm
From: SweetGeorgia Yarns "Party of five" Tough Love Sock Mini-skeins, 90 g

Over a year ago, my bff gifted me this beautiful miniskein set from SweetGeorgia Yarns. It was a gradient set of sock yarn. I've been saving them for the perfect pattern and this was it!

The pattern is actually designed for just two colors but it had just enough color changes for the gradient set so that I could use each one at least once in each sock.

The sock are worked toe-up and have an afterthought heel which works nicely with stranded knitting. You just work a scrap yarn where you want to place the heel and worry about it later on. I did have problems with the heel though, because the pattern was missing information on the length of the heel. It just stated to place the heel on certain rows. What if my feet aren't the same size as the designer's?

I screwed up the size in other ways as well. I accidentally started knitting with 2.5 mm needles when I usually use 2.25 mm. Also, the yarn was on the heavier side so the socks started to look too big. At this point, Hubby told me he would be happy to take the socks. But once the socks were finished, they wouldn't fit over his heel. So, basically nothing went as planned but I ended up with socks that accidentally fitted my feet just fine. I played another round of sock rulette and gifted these to the cat lady living next door.

The socks were a fun project even though the pattern was missing info on the heel size. And the finished socks turned out really pretty and cute even if I'm never going to be quite happy with my stranded knitting. Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees Batman and not a black cat.

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