Children's knits are great. Not only because they take less time. But also, because you get to work with colors you wouldn't knit otherwise.

What: Little boxy / Joji Locatelli
How: Circular needles 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 mm
From: Lystig Merino Sock, 146 g

I was at a knitting weekend and fell head over heels in love with Lystig Yarns' colors. Especially this mint green with neon candy speckles. I think the colorway is called My Little Pony Overdose. Oh, how wonderful it would be to knit this yarn but alas, I would never wear this color in a sweater. Luckily, I know a certain kiddo who would!

I've never knitted Joji's hit design, Boxy for grownups but now I tried out this children's version. It was a bit of a blaah that it's worker bottom-up. But as this was gift knitting, I wouldn't have been trying it on anyways. However, it did mean that there would be countless rows of boring stockinette stitch before anything interesting would happen.

Once I finally made all the way up to the underarms, it sure got exciting! The front and back were worked separately and had knitted and purled stripes on them, short rows and what not. I had already finished the body once when I came to the conclusion that the armholes were too small. The problem wasn't with the design but with me using my measuring tape poorly. Learn from my mistakes: don't measure the armhole depth from the edge stitch - it lies! Once I unraveled the shoulder seams and remeasured the armholes, they were 4 cm / 1.6'' too short. Wow. But I did learn my lesson.

The sleeves were such a quick knit, I almost didn't notice them. And then, all that was left was the neck band. I was a bit foolish choosing smaller needles for it because it turned out a bit too tight. I hope it still fits!


  1. That is a beautiful piece! Love these colorful speckles!

    1. Thank you! I really love the colorways by this yarn artist. <3